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Did you receive a secure message from someone in our workforce?













Why Did this Happen?

     We value our Clients and take securing their Personally Identifiable Health Information very seriously.

     Email, while is easy to use and while it is everywhere - is NOT a secure form of communication.

     Email messages can and do travel though more that one server  before it gets to your Inbox..

      To protect our clients Personally Identifiable Health Information

             - we use encryption to ensure only the person we sent it to has the ability to view the information.


 How do I read this message?

       To read the secure message - Open or save and open the message.html attachment

                                          You need a Microsoft account (like Office 365) You can get one for free

                                                  Or you can request a one-time use ‘code’ Also free


                                      How to Open the Secure Message